The yacht is designed according to the latest style trends. Line referring to a younger brother titled Storm 22. The concept of yacht Storm 26 involved the creation of a boat offering the comfort, safety and racing performance. As a result of this merger created a stable and balanced yacht which translates into security and speed of navigation.

Ergonomically designed cockpit offers comfort during long family trips, and is heard during the regatta. Attention to every detail makes the Storm 26 can cope with all conditions. The yacht is sailing fast and hard excels in the regatta, pleasure cruises and sea. The spacious interior, as per unit of racing flair, placed a toilet and a comfortable galley. High-end hardware board is arranged so that its service was easy and pleasant. The rigid hull is made of the finest materials and attention to performance guarantees end result. Interior Storm 26 is made of precious wood and modern materials.

Crew 8 os.
Number of beds 4-6
Length 7.94 m
Width 2.55 m
Immersion with a sword  1.76 m
The height of the cabin max 1.7 m
The height of the mast 10.5 m
The sail area 36 m2
Draft hull 0.46 m
Weight 1900 kg
The weight of the sword and the bottom ballast 400/140 kg