Storm 23 was equipped with a modern hull, with a long waterline, a vertical stem, wide waterline, and a round stern. The hull itself has been optimized for easy carrying of the unit, high stability and bravery. Beside of the to the shape of the hull it ensures the height of the boat’s sides, and a solid balasting. All together it makes the Storm 23 yacht will be quite fast one, but above all obedient and brave.

Despite some relatively small inside size an external program is providing the possibility of accommodation for 6-five people. The cabin is high and wide. It picks up its place for a separate compartment toilet, galley kitchen with gas stove, sink and refrigerator! The general concept of the interior is very special. It consists of a very large berths fore, smoothly passing on the couch in the cabin. The sofas can be folded, creating into one large sleeping platform even for 4 people. In the end there is a double berth aft cross under the cockpit.

The deck of this unit, however, were far from standard. Superstructure is high and wide, but extremely functional, softly passing to the breakwater around the cockpit. Dashboard as befits a boat Mazury is large and open from the stern. Due to the safety of navigation with children will also be offered laminated profiled beam, closing the cockpit on the top of the seat height.

Number of people (comfort) 6 (4)
Number of beds 2x 1 person, 2x 2 person
Length 7.00 m
Width 2.66 m
Dipping 0.31 / 1.46 m
Cabin height 1.80 m
Mast height 8.0 m
Sail area 24 m